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Utilitarian Storage: Slide Out kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

Jan 22nd, 2013 By
When we consider kitchen storage space that is compact, nothing can be better than slide out shelves. You can even select modular cabinets with pop up racks. You can get them according to your house design or kitchen décor. You can also utilize them for a much more functional purpose other than just storing accessories and utensils. Let us see which designs are in trend for this furniture option


You can even go for in-built small pantry storage slide out shelf for your kitchen. This is best to go with minimal beautification or theme for the kitchen. You can store boxes, bottles and jars of food items here in the bracket. You can also choose them for outdoor home bar and pantry.


You can also choose slide out tray option for your cabinet in kitchen. You can also place plates and other cutleries here. You can also impress your guests with this kind of furniture in dining room and other cooking oriented areas in the house. You can go for wooden and metallic ones for your home.


You can even go for this functional cabinet cum slide out drawer in kitchen. You can store many things here which are related to cooking. This can be utensils, accessories and even food items. You may even get this for outdoor kitchen area. You can also line up plates in here.


You can also design your kitchen with traditional home décor items. You can even select similar themed slide out drawers and shelves for this region. You can also purchase such modular items for your home interiors as well. These will be best for formal home theme.

Bread Holder

You can also make your kitchen look sensational with slide out bread holder for your home. You may choose this for outdoor grill area or kitchen. You may even make your home bar cum recreation space look much more entertaining with this piece of furniture and accessory.

Mixer Stand

You can also make your kitchen look modish with slide out mixer stand. This can also correspond with cabinet trays and drawers. This can grant utilitarian appearance and effect to your kitchen. You can also revitalize the look of your kitchen this way.


You may even choose kitchen slide out cabinet with multiple drawers. You may even get this for other spaces like pantry and cooking area in home outdoors. You can also revamp your home bar with similar type of pop out drawers.


You can buy a pop out cabinet with shelves and drawers for storage. You can adjust kitchen accessories in here. You can also decorate your home outdoor kitchen with this kind of designer cabinet. You may even install this in basement pantry or large storage spaces.


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