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Vintage Detailing in your Home Décor

May 28th, 2013 By

To create that dream retro space, you need to first decide which era inspires you the most. The 70’s was the Bohemian look, the 60’s was the modern disco themed and the 50’s was kitschy, so it is your call. This article does not glance into the detailing of the epic period, it will only encircle your route through details that you could add for the Vintage touch.

Classic and Timeless

The motive of creating such a theme or adding a hint of it in your ambience is to make you travel back into that time zone. The whites, the ceramics, the china clay’s and the rustic look of tins and polka dots make this style stay through every generation, including ours.


In order to modernize a look from the past is not as difficult as it sounds. To tweak a wee bit in the overall finish is all it takes. This elegant and spotless French boudoir guise is vintage and grand. Simple but delicate cushions on a fine metal canopy bed frame give it a luxurious appeal. Sumptuous and subtle designs in pastel shades make you devour that bed breakfast unresistingly throughout the day comfortably under that historic Kensington wall clock.




Bygone beauty, character and nostalgic elegance is what we think of when we recommend vintage styling for home decor. To be able to bring ancient flavors to your business or study space is innovative, new and niche. How beautiful and thoughtful is the collective approach of getting these classic Georgian Era styled pieces to be infused with modern technology!




This array of vintage styled suitcases creates a focal point with the way they are placed. Half your effort bears fruit as soon as someone walks through the front door. What better way is there to enhance the idea of being able to travel to another space in time, other than this gorgeous globe and display of suitcases! This furniture gives your living room entrance a mid-century look and for further accessorized options, use miniature ceramic pots of frames and paintings around this ensemble.




You kitchen need not entirely have the vintage touch, mix it up with your contemporary utensils too. Sometimes when things do not match they look better than being just about right together. These bone china plates in this vintage rack give the kitchen an urge to get ready for something different every evening during tea-time.



Living or Elsewhere

A cabinet, teamed up with mirrors, candle holders and an old jazz trumpet are the main features of this vintage item. It is versatile and contemporary. As mentioned earlier mixing old with new has taken place here too. Because the white paint on this cabinet is fading is looks surreal and rewired. Great for your living room, this piece of modern-ancient art can be placed anywhere.


These are but a few suggestions of what can be done with the vintage around you. Constantly keep experimenting with the items you think went extinct and you were about to toss it in that bin, who knows it could be the center of attraction at least for this season.


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