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Warli Art to Decorate Home

Oct 31st, 2012 By
There are many art forms that can be used to decorate homes in creative ways. Warli art is one such form of making drawings. It can be drawn on home décor items as well as wall arts. The Warli painting can also be used to decorate your walls. Here are some creative ways to use Warli art to decorate your house.

Artistic Wall Arts

Warli paintings are art forms of tribal origin. They are simple and yet are clear examples of art and creativity. They use simple colors like white and brown.

Warli Clocks

These are unique wall clocks with a warli art made on their surface. They can be rectangular or square. They add beauty to contemporary walls.

Attractive Vases

Earthen vases with Warli designs on their surface look very natural and attractive. These are eco-friendly wares that decorate homes in stylish ways.

Creative Floor Rugs

Floor rugs with amazing patterns add beauty to living room floors. Runner rugs with Warli art made on their surface are ideal additions to modern floors.

Warli Pen Stand

These pen stands are also made from eco-friendly materials like wood. They can be used to add color to your study. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Decorative bed sheets and pillow covers

You can use bed sheets and pillow covers with attractive artistic drawings on their entire surface. These will blend well with minimalist décor of modern homes.

Warli Lamps

These lamps are colorful and attractive. The shape of these lamps is also attractive. They can be used to illuminate homes and brighten up the living space.

Warli Coasters

These are tea coasters with unique warli paintings made on the surface of the coasters. The coaster sets are very attractive. They are very artistically drawn.

Warli Candle Holders

These are earthenware that has tribal paintings on their surface. They come in a multitude of shapes, each of which is a splendid reflection of the rich tribal culture.

Warli Eco-friendly Bags

These are bags made from recycled paper or cotton. As these are eco-friendly materials, they do not harm the environment.


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