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Weird Curtain beyond Just Fun

Sep 14th, 2012 By
Curtains are one of the most predominant forms of window treatments. While they provide privacy and protection, there are a few curtains that have more to them. Here are a few really weird curtains that you would love to have in your house.

Scary Curtains

Inspired from ‘Psycho’ there are many shower curtains that are real scary. You may use these shower curtains in your bath space. It is a real great addition for the Halloween theme too.

Hair Curtains

You may often consider using animal hide to make curtains and other fabrics. Imagine having a curtain made from hair. There are curtains made from hair that add beauty to dull home interiors.

Chemistry Curtains

Are you obsessed with chemistry? Then you may decorate your shower space with periodic table curtains. These depict all the chemicals present in the periodic table.

Magnetic Curtains

These are curtains that have countless magnets on them. This permits you to arrange the window treatment as you want them to be. It is very easy to adjust these curtains as per your requirement.

Spiked Shower Curtains

There are some shower curtains that have unique spikes on them. These surely deserve to be listed among the weird curtains of the world. If these curtains are colorful, they look really appealing.

Map Curtains

These are curtains that have maps drawn on them. These are ideal shower curtains for bath spaces. You can learn geography while reclining on the bathtub.

Flag Curtains

Love your nation? Exhibit it with stylish flag curtains. These are readily available in the market. You can even find these in the many online stores.

Shell Curtains

You can decorate your doorways with attractive shell curtains. These are made by using sea shells of diverse shapes and patterns. You can make them even at home.

Glowing Beaded Curtains

These are curtains that glow in the dark. They are made by combining beads that glow in the dark. You can have these curtains in your foyer and passageways.

LED Rain Curtains

You can create the effect of sparkling raindrops by using these stunning curtains. You can use these to decorate your outdoor spaces during some late night occasion. It is one of the most creative ways to decorate your outdoors. Best fact is that these lights are waterproof.

LOL Curtains

There are curtains that will tickle your humor cells and make you laugh out loud. These funny curtains are meant to make you feel happy for the moment.

Can Curtains

It is the era of sustainability. Today there are curtains made by recycling cold drink cans. These really look amazing. If you are innovative, you may even make recycled curtains all by yourself.

Ice Curtains

These are a combination of ice cube shaped blocks. They are combined to form ornamental curtains for the guest room and living room. They are eye catchy and unique too.


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