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Welcome Peace with Yoga Inspired Home Decor

Jul 17th, 2013 By

It is a beautiful morning and the sun is just coming up. Rather than create a room dedicated to a calm and relaxed environment why not have fragments scattered everywhere to induce a Zen lifestyle. Open your doors to the following possibilities and introduce yogic artifacts, one or more in each corner.

“Yoga is the Practice of Quieting the Mind” – Patanjali

Notice the faint fragrance of incense sticks all over the house and experience absolute bliss with a house that motivates you to shut that nonstop chattering brain. Simple yet super Yoga ideas that you should embrace to allow your home help you rejuvenate, are right below.

Vase and Door Sign

Vase and Door Sign 1A 100% recycled wine barrel ring transformed to create the four magical letters, Yoga. This is a fantastic way to welcome anyone who sets his/her foot at your door step. The flowers look pleasant and the sign induces calmness.

Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture 2

What an impressive little contented Yoga frog as a garden sculpture! A great way to adorn your garden or backyard is to introduce these sober yet striking cute knick-knacks. Place them next to your favorite ceramic planters or your magnificent fountain, this sculpture is bound to be the show stopper.

Candle Holders

Candle Holders 3Yes, these are Yoga figures functioning as exotic candle holders to your left. Having these tiny stick figures demonstrate the poses of yoga mudras, will bring balance and serenity to any room. These lovely lotuses also act as candle holders especially when it comes to floating candles. Keep them together or position them individually at various corners, they will work their magic wherever you place them.

Book Ends

Book Ends 4

Two athletic yet flexible full grown adults are directing their strength in keeping your favorite books intact. This is a subtle and wise way to intricately deal with your collection of books, particularly when you need to read before going to bed every night.

Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl 5This gorgeous Tibetan Singing Bowl should be placed on your study table or coffee area, for they bring relaxation through music. Popular in the Asian countries of Tibet, China and Nepal, these singing bowls will lead to your personal wellbeing. Recommended by sound healers, adorn this Yogic art to distress yourself.

Clothes Pin

Clothes Pin 6

Engraved with words that bring the right equilibrium in life, these pins are the most lucid examples of Yoga decorations in your homes. Basic words to bring a smile to your, celebrate life while using them.

Salt and Sugar Bowls

Salt and Sugar Bowls 7To maintain the Zen of your life is one of the important principles of practicing Yoga. The Zen of your kitchen can be recreated with this calm and composed natural pebble salt and sugar bowl. This is the most creative idea from the crudest material. Who would have thought that pebbles could be innovatively reinvented to decorate your dining ware or kitchen space!

Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters 9

Oprah suggests you to open up a whole new perspective towards a happy and healthy life, by simply involving these cookie cutters to your kitchenware. Use wholegrain flour and manage drawing tiny gingerbread men who are enjoying their Yoga lifestyle. And allow them to get inspired to do the same.

Bed Sheet

Bed Sheet 10Let your sleep be a spiritual journey with this duvet cover set. Vibrant orange background is used to perfection to highlight the various poses in the art of Yoga. A great addition to your bedroom, this will make sure you sleep like a child and wake up as fresh as the dew drops on your flowers.

Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags 11Prayer Flags adorning your window panes let the sweet breeze breathe positivity in your house. These flags have a great ability and responsibility to maintain love, compassion and content wherever they are placed.

Wall Art

Wall Art 12What a beautiful wall decorated with hand mudras inspired by the reproductions of the Hand of Fatima! This hand shaped symbol is a talisman that will protect you against misfortune and bring prosperity. The hand also represents a mudra that defines serenity. This is an amazing example to see two different culture coming together to celebrate peace.


Outdoor 13Place these rustic bells on one of the tree branches with this Terrarium Buddha underneath. Let your backyard be a full replica of the Zen and optimism you would like nature to infuse into your environment. A lovely swing right before that elegant pond with these artifacts around will change your outlook towards life.


Furniture 14A tiny table appropriate for breakfast in bed or otherwise engraved with the strong vibrations of the word ‘Om’, is a great piece of furniture. This colorful chair with a purpose represents the different colors of the chakras that endeavor within us.

Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Ideas 15

To create the perfect room for Yoga is entirely your call. You could either choose your terrace, with a tiny opening to let the greens glance through or go for a clear window look so that the sun can shower all its sunshine.

Let all Yoga decor items spiritually motivate you and lead you towards a happy and balanced lifestyle.


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