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What are the key phases to think about while picking a rug for high traffic area?

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Placing an attractive rug in the front entrance of a home or office is an immense way to demonstrate guests or clients your decorating style – right as they walk indoors!! Idiosyncratic area rugs make an amazing crucial point for embellishing any space of your home or office area. Area rugs set a tone for the absolute decoration of your room by pulling apparently unique design and patterns. But when it comes to buy an area rug for high traffic area, this might be sometimes a complex task. All you need is the rug which would really put up with continuous footsteps. Not only this, the rug should also add sophisticated and formal look which would be admired by every visitors.

Below mentioned are some aspects you can follow while purchasing a right area rug for your high traffic area:

First thing you need to consider the place where you actually want to place your area rug i.e. whether its doorway, entrance hall, patio, or passageway. The color and pattern you choose should go hand in hand with the interiors of your home or office. Area rugs are available in wide array of colors like blue, pink, purple, red, black, green, orange etc which brings awesome look to any floor. More often, go with the bold colors as they hide the dirt and soil from view. You can even opt for bright or subtle colors regard it should match the wall color and furniture of your room.  Some of the area rugs are hand-tufted, hand-knotted, braided and some are machine made. Remember that you can give vivacious splatter of color to emphasize the appearance of your room and provide a personal touch.

Patterns and size count as well, decide appropriately what appeal you want your rug to create. Various themes and designs including floral prints, stripes, scrolls and simply multicolored add dazzling look to any area.  Whether it’s contemporary, traditional, verdant or shaggy area rugs provide numerous textures.  Area rugs are found in various size and dimensions which will bring out visualizing effect to your entrance at the very first glance.  You can even go with different shapes such as round, rectangle, oval or square but remember to consider the gap between the rug and doorway.

Fiber is the most important factor that should be considered while purchasing an area rug for high traffic area.  Area rug is made up of both synthetic as well as natural fibers. This includes different kinds of materials such as cotton, silk, wool, jute, coir, wool, bamboo, nylon, acrylic, sea grass, propylene, sisal and much more. Each of them has their own advantage, but when comes to place an area rug for high traffic braided area rug is preeminent option. They are tough, sturdy and durable as well. Wool, sea grass, sisal, cotton and nylon fibers are more demanded more for high traffic areas as they are sturdy, flexible, resilient and static-resistant.

Moreover these Area rugs are interwoven so tightly that it doesn’t wears out easily making then appear beautiful for a longer period of time. Wool area rugs may shed within certain span of time, but caring it appropriately will serve you better longitivity.  The advantageous factor with this kind of fabric is that they offer great variety of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns. They repel stains excellently and can be cleaned easily by steaming.

Price plays a vital role while purchasing an area rug for high traffic area as all you need is best quality with cheaper rates.  While shopping, compare the prices offered by various manufacturers of Area rugs. Surf online stores and go with their blogs frequently as this store proffer good price with innumerable offers.  Even compare the ratings of the rug for high traffic area, as high rated rugs simply wear well in heavy traffic area. Avoid going with the cheaper rugs as some area rugs may skip the efficient benefits which you ever desired.

Further things to be taken into consideration for selecting area rugs for high traffic area:

Apart from the type of rug you select for your doorways, placing and anti-slip pad beneath your area rug is the better option.  Rug pads support your area rug thereby pounding grip to it. Not only this, padding provides cushioning to your rug and prevents it from slipping. The shabby surface of the rug pad keeps the rug in place while the cushioning relaxes your feet when you walk on the rug. You’ll instantly make out the difference in the stiffness of the rug while stepping on to it. Choose the one with gloomy or multicolored as this demonstrate less dirt and debris on the surface. Padding a rug not only wrap up the spots but also cause a security hazard.

Choose a right area rug which would really give a sense of freedom and comfort which will help you move more swiftly to your home.


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