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Why are Natural Rugs a Modern Choice?

Sep 15th, 2013 By

With green living touching sky in home decoration, online market is clobbered with goods made from natural materials. Popular designers and interiors designers, launch products bearing similar inspiration. Hence, natural carpets are now knows to be one of the commodities of interest in gracing floors of houses and outdoors

Diverse Variety

Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural varieties are lot more. These are flexible and therefore, people can make their choice freely. Restricting ideas of home décor is not anymore an issue with these flooring covers. Hence, discovering new styles and implementing more than two elements that are inspired from green living becomes possible with these accents.

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There are fiber products that are a mix of several of these materials together. You can get such options at online stores in cheap price. Perhaps, you can consider matching few accessories with these products in colors, patterns and designs. With complementary wall decals and fixtures, these coverings can look incredible to uplift the appeal of surroundings.


Available in Abundance

As these materials are found in nature, these are available abundantly. Hence, flooring covers from these materials are present in plenty all around the world. Differentiations in these fabrics may be possible, projecting consumers with indigenous choices to explore. A customer finds it easier to pick the one he likes, without actually substituting or settling for the next best option.

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Being abundantly available, these products are relatively cheaper in price. However, the price depends on construction, dyes, distance and other variable and fixed costs as well. Presence of these fiber accents in wide numbers also makes it possible to have increased opportunities of sales and discounts, making such objects much cheaper in price for the long run.


Comfortable Texture

One of the advantages of natural rugs is that these are soft and not harsh on texture. Touch of these materials leaves an exotic feel. This feature makes, fabric products manufactured from these fibers amazingly suitable for home interiors. However, the texture of these floorings can deteriorate if exposed to direct sunlight for long time.

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Some of these are great for wetness prone areas, while others are not. Hence, the texture of these carpets may be susceptible to damage as well. Proper care of these accents can ensure a good shelf life and feel. Natural shag carpets are one of the best floorings for experimentation of comfort in home interiors and sheltered outdoor spaces.


Easy to Clean

These carpets are also easier to clean and maintain. However, some of these may require maintenance regularly like vacuum cleaning. Some materials can be washed with hands, while others need dry cleaning. Always look at the commercial tag of flooring cover to know, which kind of washing technique is suggested. Similarly, if you are unaware the accurate technique of cleaning natural rugs, go for professional help.

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Methods like brushing, beating carpets, steam cleaning, scrubbing and spot cleaning are other methods to maintain carpets. However, unlike synthetic flooring covers, natural counterparts are not generally susceptible to melting due to fire. Hence, there are fire retardant materials in this category available as well. Hence, broom off dust regularly from natural covers.


Eco Friendly

Natural rugs are an epitome of earth friendly floor covers. Hence, these are best to bring about an ecofriendly appeal to home interiors. Since, these are made from elements found naturally, these are great for spaces in indoors more than the outdoors. These are good to promote green living in home interiors. Sometimes people may want to choose floor covers with natural shades like green, yellow, brown, orange, red, blue and few cool colors.

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Most of these carpets possess natural dyes as well. However, you need to check authenticity of natural floor covers by looking into the fact that the material is not a combination of synthetic and natural fiber. For a high quality product, you need to purchase from trustable online stores. You can check out our store for durable and top quality fiber covers, on great discounts.

Sometimes synthetic carpets contain chemicals that can be harmful. However, natural rugs do not contain any of such elements. This makes such products safe for home interiors and best for children’s bedroom and pet areas. So, you all can purchase these carpets for this season to beautify homes.


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