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Wool Rugs – A Rich Balance of Style and Function

Aug 21st, 2013 By

Achieving a perfect balance between all elements of a decor is of great importance. A mismatch or poor choice of furnishing or accessory easily results in inferior looking interiors. Often, unsuitable styled rugs ruin a room’s appeal. Avoid an interior decorating disaster by investing in wool rugs.

In just about a few weeks’ time, the crisp autumn breeze will sweep away summer. With fall making inroads, temperature will gradually spiral down. People having hardwood or tiled floorings need to brace themselves for the season ahead. The change of season means cool weather, especially at night. Wool rugs are a perfect home accessory during this part of the year and beyond. Apart from serving as natural insulation to floors, they add elegance to a room’s ambience. Here are a few reasons on why wool rugs make for a good addition to your home.

A Workhorse – Built to Last

Contemporary rugs brown 1

Wool, a product of nature is a natural fiber. When compared to synthetic materials, wool is far stronger and durable, yet, soft and skin friendly. This fabric is known to outlast other materials-their unique fiber structure grants surprising flexibility, it can recover from crushing. Lanolin, a substance found in wool, makes it stain and dust resistant-a boon to families with children, and members inclined to allergies. It is also flame resistant; the properties of this natural fiber enable it to withstand high temperatures without incurring damage. You will never have to replace a wool rug due to color loss, for they are naturally fade resistant and colorfast. Wool being a renewable resource makes it eco-friendly.


A Colorful Character

Contemporary rug gold 2

Those looking for variety should opt for wool rugs; they are available in a wide variety of contemporary, traditional, and oriental styles. Apparently, these rugs are made both by hand and machines. However, always insist for a hand-made rug, as it is the preferred choice between the two makes. Their multiple textures help wool floor covers beautifully grace wood, hardwood and tiled floorings. Style aside, woolen rugs and runners are practical for home use. Many qualities make them a suitable choice-one being, wool repels water and other liquids. This avoids spills from getting soaked, greatly cutting down on time and effort needed for cleaning, especially in moisture-laden regions. Besides their aesthetic advantage, wool due to its elasticity wears effectively. A viable option for high traffic areas-any made indentation quickly disappears, retaining its original appearance, even after years of use.


Enhances Visual Appeal

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 Interior designers recommend use of wool rugs in homes, especially hand made. For they bring in a subtle combination of luxury and function together. These rugs are versatile and fit in just about any theme or design concept you may have in mind. The ability to blend in any area and furnishing, while adding beauty to the elements of a decor make them very desirable. Wool rugs are mostly preferred in traditional and contemporary style, former being the first choice of many designers. A traditional wool rug is a good option to serve as an accent to a room. Its soft rich texture infuses an authentic feel, vibrant colors and intricate patterns lend a distinct flavor to an interior, virtually enhancing the visual appeal and style quotient.

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This fall, incorporate floor coverings in the form of rugs and runners made of wool to insulate cold floors. Redecorate the interiors with these time proven masterpieces. As decor accessories, woolen rugs are apt to unite elements of a decor, and to present a rich-varied look to your rooms.


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